Welcome back to ERP Central April edition.

In the ERP Central April edition, we delve into the latest industry news from Microsoft and their growing ERP system for SMBs; Business Central. We touch on the first wave of 2021 updates for Business Central in our latest features section, providing you with the latest areas of focus for Microsoft within their Sales, Marketing, Commerce and Supply Chain modules, with particular focus on how they can support and accelerate your business growth.

In our expert comment piece this month, Georgi Nastev, one of our resident ERP experts, who heads up our ERP implementation projects, looks at what a business should consider before implementing an ERP system. And finally, we talk to Neuways’ Managing Director, Martin Roberts, about his thoughts on what makes a strong in-house ERP project team, in Aprils implementation advice section.

We hope you enjoy ERP Central April’s edition.

Microsoft now dominates the ERP market for SMBs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It’s a system that can grow your business exponentially in the right hands. This is why we’ve created a free implementation guide!

You can also download it here: ERP Implementation Guide, and it’s packed full of useful information to make sure your ERP project is a success.

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