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Microsoft has unleashed a huge update of brand-new improvements and additions to Business Central. They go towards making it a better, more intuitive ERP system for users to benefit from, with most of the new additions beginning as feedback from real-life users of the system.

But, with such a vast array of new features, it can be hard to know where to begin. That is why we have enlisted the knowledge and expertise of one of our ERP experts, to break down the more important features, and why you should be excited about them!

Without further ado, let’s hear from Neuways Managing Director, Martin Roberts…

Business Central Desktop App

“From an incremental level of improvement, the ability to install Business Central as an app, not only from a browser but the Microsoft Store, will help many Business Central users. It gives desktop users a fully rounded experience of the benefits of Business Central and has been designed explicitly to replace the legacy desktop app, which was based on older technology for Business Central online.

“But, critically, this doesn’t mean the end of the older desktop app. No, Microsoft will continue to support the legacy app for the foreseeable future, with updates and maintenance scheduled to allow it to continue to support previous versions of on-premises Business Central. This is typical of Microsoft and the benefit of investing in a system like Business Central: you are receiving the best levels of service and maintenance around, with legacy systems often maintained for years, giving you, the customer, value for money.”

Shopify App Connection

“I think that the connection with Shopify should really help those users who deal with e-commerce functions. As we have seen throughout the pandemic, more emphasis has been placed on implementing cash-free environments to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, many small businesses have brought in Shopify to provide an easy-to-use e-commerce solution.

“By teaming up with Business Central, the benefits of ERP make Shopify an even more useful tool for small businesses. Orders, stock and customer information will become synchronised between the two systems, giving merchants the ability to fulfil orders quicker and more efficiently, leading to more satisfied customers.”

Sharing files through OneDrive

new features for Business Central One Drive

“Microsoft have made it even easier to collaborate with colleagues without having to leave Business Central at all. OneDrive for Business can now be used to easily share files and attach documents from the Report Inbox. Such a simple step can really be a massive difference to users. This development will allow colleagues to share information with others in a clear and concise format.

“This means that information can be shared with the business in an easier way, allowing for the spread of quality information to be even better! And, with the ability to amend the permissions of those users who can access files sent this way, the user can be safe in the knowledge that only those intended to see the files will be able to.”

Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations

“This update enables internal warehouse activities for jobs to become improved. This ensures a more effective workflow throughout the warehouse, as well as making it easier to organise and maintain company inventories. The feature makes it more straightforward for customers with warehouse functions to work more efficiently, leading to easier order processes and more satisfied customers, who benefit from the more direct workflow.

“It is quite straightforward to set up too, making it an even more valuable update for organisations.”

Improvements for financial reporting with account schedules

“Clearly, the presentation of financial reports has a huge impact on the effectiveness of people’s consumption of the data included within them.

new features for Business Central

People reading the reports must be able to easily understand the information presented to them, while identifying how important the data is, too. This update recognises how Business Central operates, in using account schedules as the main tool for creating user-defined financial reports. This makes it easier for people to piece together reports in whatever layout they need.

“The main practical uses of this include the ability to print the Account Schedules report in a landscape format, as well as an expansion of columns, and being able to export and import account schedules to or from files, making it easier to reuse them between companies. All in all, financial reports should be far easier to take onboard and share throughout an organisation – great news for the Finance team!”

Those are the thoughts of Martin on Microsoft’s latest intuitions for Business Central. If you want to explore your very own ERP project with the Neuways team, contact us on 01283 753333 or email

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