Greetings! Welcome to the ERP Central June edition.

In this edition we pick up the latest industry news from Microsoft and Business Central and the features that are making the headlines currently. We investigate the newest updates from Microsoft for their ERP system: Business Central, in our Latest Features section. They’ve been busy with plenty of new updates to discuss including better connectivity through the utilisation of Microsoft Cloud and simplified bank statement file imports.

In a special expert voice section, we round up some of the Neuways ERP experts and uncover some of their favourite Business Central features and how they can be leveraged by businesses. In the ERP Central June edition, we have advice & tips for multi-site ERP systems implementations. This common situation is discussed, with Neuways’ Managing Director Martin Roberts as he discusses the merits of multi-site implementations for certain types of businesses.

We hope you enjoy the ERP Central June edition.

Microsoft now dominates the ERP market for SMBs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It’s a system that can grow your business exponentially in the right hands. This is why we’ve created a free implementation guide!

You can also download it here: ERP Implementation Guide, and it’s packed full of useful information to make sure your ERP project is a success.

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