Hello and welcome to the ERP Central, October edition.

In our latest edition we check-in on all of the latest ERP news in industry news from across the UK, and further afield. Microsoft’s latest features and additions to its ERP system form a significant part of the edition as the tech giant continues to grow it’s share of the ERP market. We also take a look further down the line to see what might be coming.

October’s expert voice article breaks down the recommended ERP journey that our ERP experts take our new business system customers on. This includes the three-stage process that helps businesses go from no business system to the detailed bespoke business system that a business needs.

Our latest implementation section contains hints and tips on the importance of developing an ERP system after its implementation – and what the benefits of doing so are for your organisation.

Enjoy ERP Central October edition!

Microsoft now dominates the ERP market for SMBs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It’s a system that can grow your business exponentially in the right hands. This is why we’ve created a free implementation guide!

You can also download it here: ERP Implementation Guide, and it’s packed full of useful information to make sure your ERP project is a success.

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